InCode BioPharmaceutics, Inc.

InCode BioPharmaceutics, Inc. is developing a proprietary potent and rapidly-acting immunomodulator protein that acts on the C3-amplification loop, a key target where all three initiation pathways (Classic, Alternative, and MBL) of complement cascade (the serum component of the innate immune system) converge. As a bioengineered hybrid C3-cobra venom factor protein, InCodes lead compound HC3-1496 depletes serum complement protein C3 without downstream activation of the terminal complement components in a titratable and reproducible manner, thus having the potential to effectively modulate the innate immune system directly and the adaptive immune system indirectly.

Our pre-clinical results of HC3-1496 show effective modulation of the C3-amplification loop in multiple in-vitro mammalian sera and in various in-vivo small and large mammalian studies involving immune dysfunction/dysregulation, ischemia-reperfusion and systemic inflammation.

InCode is operated virtually by a team of seasoned professionals having experience in pre-clinical development, clinical development, manufacturing including quality control, regulatory and commercialization of novel biologic products for various applications. InCode is venture-funded; its headquarter is located in San Diego, CA, USA. InCode has multiple active research collaborations including the University of Hawaii and other undisclosed world-leading institutions and partnered with research/manufacturing companies with successful track records in biologics. The next project is dedicated for acupuncture for back spasms.

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